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Ownership renounced

CubeBase token has renounced ownership since 1st of March 2023.


Liquidity locked

CubeBase token has liquidity locked for 100 years.


DAO governance token

Community driven project with multiple DAO protocols to be deployed.


Trading engine

CubeBase token will provide access to trading engine app and blockchain investment platform.

CubeBase Trading Engine web app is launched.
You can visit CubeBase.XYZ for more info.

CubeBase Foundation

CubeBase Foundation is a community organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of CubeBase Token, a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency.
Our mission is to provide a secure, reliable, user-friendly protocols and platforms for the global cryptocurrency community.
We strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and education.
We are committed to provide the best possible experience for our users and partners.
We believe in the power of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionise the way we interact with each other and the world.

Our goals:


Community focused

Our priority is the success and prosperity of CubeBase community


CubeBase protocol

Build a new smart contract to serve as a DAO protocol


Developer grants

We will apply for grants and funding from organisations. In addition we will create donation fund for the development of the project.


Organic growth

CubeBase Foundation will use organic marketing to create further project growth.


Deploy smart contracts

CubeBase foundation will build several smart contracts dedicated to community activities.


Development of cubebase.xyz

Crypto trading engine and blockchain investment pool


Presale: 500.000.000
Liquidity: 300.000.000
Burn status

Buy tax: 7%
Rewards: 3%
LP: 2%
Burn: 2%

Sell tax: 10%
Rewards: 5%
LP: 2%
Burn: 3%